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Science Fiction / Fantasy

Enter the realm of vampires, werevolves, fairies, dragons, hobbits and magic wardrobes. Or dwell in to the world of space odysseys, time machines, alien planets and galactic universes.


Get immersed in a clever mystery, catch a wave of suspense and escape from the tasks & turmoil of everyday lives. Guaranteed glued-to-the-seats experience because of the excitement they encapsulate inherently.


Enjoy these funny stories and laugh your way to happiness and health. Get ready for those weird stares because you would burst out laughing even before you realize you are in public.

Chick Lit

Light-hearted, amusing, quirky, fun tales geared towards women. Often include elements of romance, comedy, career struggles and relationships of an average female.


Only for the brave hearts!!! Prepare yourself to get trapped in the spell of some truly terrifying works no horror movie can ever match.


Discover gratifying romantic stories with exotic settings and charming characters, that will leave you with a desire to live their lives.

Biographies Memoirs

Get a peek into some of the fascinating lives. A biography is a sweeping portrait of a life or a career and that will most certainly inspire you.


In this fast-paced and high stress culture, these books will escort you into a happier life. Who knows they might open up new possibilities.

Mixed Genre

Don’t worry about genre, Let us mix and match. Pamper yourself with the perfect blend of all genres in right doses to enthrall you.